Tuesday, August 15, 2006

13/8/06 Dream

Kate is staying in my parents house. I want to find a way of engineering it so that I can have sex with her, in an empty room somewhere. We keep texting but somehow can't find each other. I catch glimpses of her, giving me wry smile before disappearing.

Downstairs, my sister (still alive) is trying to play a trick on me as I sit in my Dad's chair. She is pretending that she could easily spill red wine from a bottle onto me. In mucking around though she actually spills the wine onto my khaki trousers, and I am pissed off and bawl her out over it. She looks on sulkily as my Mum makes me take off the trousers and we can see that the wine has stained through to my leg. With scissors, my Mum starts cutting off strips of flesh from my leg, removing the offending stains. She gets to the strand of main vein at the back of my leg and smiles and says "I'd better not cut that, eh?".

And then I wake up.

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