Friday, September 01, 2006

Bible Belt dreams

I rarely dream..
But once I was in bed , listening to the radio..and waiting to fall asleep..
the radio was playing some southern preacher, hollering about the end of times..crying and talking about how angels were going to blow the horns and the rapture was gonna take place...
It was very fire and brimstone..and extremely frightening
I was all drowsy and I can remember that I couldnt open my matter how hard I tried.
I tried to turn off the radio..but I couldnt see the dials ( cause I couldnt open my eyes)
And I fumbled and twisted..then finally I pulled the cord out of the wall..

The radio show STILL played!!

I HEARD angels singing and blowing trumpets ..

And then I woke up!...thank god it was a dream..
But the radio was still playing ..
the good reverend telling me and all other sinners how we were going to hell.

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