Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Doesnt take a rocket scientist

..This dream is crazy....I must have left CNN on while I slept.

I'm on a big luxury boat, it's lovely, but ominous..i'm walking around exploring, and I see Kim Jong-il !..I think, this is crazy ..
I walk over to where he is and he looks at his watch..he's wearing a nice watch but it only has half a face....
he looks up and smiles at me ..
I feel scared but i think, we're on a boat what can he do really ? ( its a dream people..why a boat would be safe is beyond me )
He looks at me and smiles
Then slowly lifts a crossbow and takes aim..at me !


Shep said...

This could be the best action movie in the world...but who would play you?

Cynnie said...

the crypt keeper

Ron said...

Don't insult the kim chee...Remember, be confident, because you will snatch the arrow out of the air!

Chris said...

the Luxury ship is our world, We enjoy it, but we meet ppl watch them really, and some we can't understand seem half crazy. They threaten us in the most barbaric ways.