Saturday, September 02, 2006


i seem to dream only in snippets, or more likely that is all i remember.

two recent ones.
i am looking at the most amazing train kit you have ever seen. it is huge, it is amazingly detailed but it is a like a flash gordon meets frtiz lang - does tokyo type cityscape. with the train lines going all over the place and at different heights. you can see people, you can see cars, look through windows into offices etc. the trians whizz by. it is awesome.
but to one end of one of the trcks there is a guy, in unform, i think he is black and bald is crishing the trianlines with his hands, the bits floating down to the ground like polystrene cup pieces. once he has broken a chunk of the line he replaces it with a much cruder bridge type thing. above where the trains will run is a cuddly toy marching band. they look absurdly out of place, so so retro in this gleaming shining future and of course they are not even close to scale.

the second snippet is even more of a fragment. i am climing up some stairs, almost tiptoe like. i can see the landing light on. i know i am going to meet someone. it turns out i am to meet a sexual sensual hattie jaques who appears at the top of the staris in a black flmsey dressing gown, that leaves nothing to the imagination. but my eyes are drawn to her shiny spikey high high heels.

like i say small glmpses of what the dreams were.

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