Saturday, September 02, 2006

strange places

well here is a long one, almost epic. very confused.
somewhat nightmarish as it almost involved me going to nottingham.

i am with some friends, we are visiting another friend. it seems the friend we are visiting is the black sheep of the gang, the rogue who is always getting into trouble. he has various letters, newspaper clippings and what not on the walls. they all tell of his misadventures, his rejections, his excuses etc. they make for interesting reading.
somewhere along the line we all decide to go and visit someone in nottingham but first we are going to go somewhere else. we all pile into a car that one of the gang has just gotten. it is no more than a banger, with the seats more like those overly comfy armchairs you have that are all sag. we drive to get something to eat. we park and pile out.
we come back the car is now trapped in a square all the exits from this rather plush posh square are blocked, ours is the only vehcile there.
only there is an escape route if you drive over the pavement.
it seems the group has grown and we all can't fit in the car.
i stay behind they are going to come back with a bigger car.
i am thinkingi i will catch a train to nottingham, i have a slip of paper that tells me it is only £49.
while we were eating i was shown a camera we called it a lomo camera (it wasn't but hey that is dreams for you), i now seem to have the camera. i am using it to take photos. i start wandeirng out of the square and into a desolate run down area of the city, but it is like a ghost town lots of buildings, large and close together, all seemingly still in perfect nick, a few windows missing here and there. no one around. i turn a corner and here is a large empy space (a lot) bordered by two large white buildings. the shadowa are greaat. i set up a tripod. i start taking photos. the area i am in is all wet and muddy. i hear a voice. i turn and see a black man starign out the windon he has a gun in his hands. i put my palms out and shrug. i start to get my tripod and movie. more blackmen are coming out of the building. one of them reminds me of yaphet koto.
i try to run.
they catch up with me.
it turns out that i know one of their friends.
the guns they have in their hands are all toys.
i take some photos and chat to them all.

wake up.

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