Monday, October 02, 2006

1/10/06 Dream

I'm in school, for some reason, even though I'm an adult. Sitting next to me is the shockingly pretty sixth-form girl who gets the same bus to work as me most mornings. We're trying to do some difficult tables or sums or something, and it makes us laugh as I'm clearly getting the whole thing wrong. She wrenches the book from me and starts to correct it, as I look round to make sure the teacher isn't watching us. She gets (from somewhere) a wet sponge and wipes it across the written pages of my exercise book, as if this is going to fix the problem.

And then I wake up.

And then I go to sleep again.

And for some reason dream about a cartoon cow which is attached to a milking machine and is sucked of all it's milk, leaving it wizened and skinny, only the next moment to be pumped back full of it's own milk until it is large and bloated like a beach ball with little legs and udders.

And then I wake up properly.

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