Monday, October 30, 2006

I See Blog People

Last night's dream progressed as follows:

I had arrived at my Dad's house in South Africa on a visit to find that two blog pals - *(asterisk) and Red were already there waiting for me. This was bizarre and I said as much to them because they are Blog People. We don't know each other beyond what we read on blogger. ANYway... they said that they had come to help me out while I was visiting my dad because they thought it would be tough for me.

I decided to show them round. I took them to my dad's vegetable patch, which in reality is fenced in, but where the patch was, I saw a field filled with black and white two-tone lambs. I turned to them and said, "This isn't right. The fence is gone. This is a dream, isn't it?"

I looked back at the field and one lamb had been killed - neck ripped out - by a wild dog.

I told them we'd best go let my dad know that one of his lambs is dead.

We went indoors and the kitchen was massive. *(asterisk) asked for a cup of tea, and I told him he was more than welcome to help himself since that's the policy if we like our guests - they get get a free pass to the fridge. Red wandered into the pantry and said there was nothing there. I followed her and it was empty.

Just then my dad appeared at the kitchen door and I gave him a great big hug. I forgot all about the lamb and the empty pantry. Then I woke up.


Red said...

Glad to read that we had a free pass to the fridge!

And I'm curious... did we look like we do on our little piccies (* with the mask, me as a pre-Raphaelite Belle Dame Sans Merci), or did we have real faces?

Tanya said...

No, you had real faces. Which is odd because you guys never show your whole faces.

Shep said...

Did someone say Pre-Raphaelite? Where, where?