Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sex me up big daddy!

Here it is ..
in my dream I'm laying in bed..and cute as hell!..( normally i aint all that..but this is a dream!)

and In walks Ron and he starts talking to me with a bad spanish accent..

Hello Ceentheeah..
i am here to geeeve you the ultimate pleasure , that only I.. the Fluffy, can geeeve.

are you ready for my manly luff?

And I woke up laughing..

Did i mention that he had on a thong..?
yummy man meat dreams ..


Ron said...

Qui es mui macho? Senior Fluffy or Antonio Bandaras? Si, Fluffy est mui macho!!! Es muy calente 'luff making' is muy bein!!! 'El Erectione' requirez el doctore, due to exceeeeeding uno, does, trez, quartre hours! Wooly Bully! He has namez his son Cialis Viagra Stuffin!

The Budget Surplus string of the Red Thong would disappear between the cheeks of my 'vast entitlements,' however! Ah, but is it ribbed for my pleasure?

Shep said...

Don't pick a pouch...that makes you go 'ouch'!

Camie Vog said...

This was fucking brilliant... Fluffy in a thong!!!

Tanya said...

Oh that's too much! No wonder you woke up laughing. Oh man. Classic.