Friday, October 20, 2006

work-related grudge dream

after months and months and months of not remembering my dreams, the first dream i remember is work-related and completely dumb. but there you go, that's what it's like being a neurotic workaholic.

months (MONTHS!) ago i did a cute little animated postcard, which was nixed by the senior directors of my company for being too provocative. in my dream, one of the senior directors find a very very similar postcard online, and comes to tell me about how some idiot organization out there is using the concept that we so cleverly avoided. it turns out the idiot organization is just another branch of our ngo, and that the postcard is very successful. i smile to myself and feel a warm glow of satisfaction.

dumb, dumb, dumb.


Shep said...

A;; my work related dreams are of me shelving, categorising and classifying books.

See how interesting I am!

helena said...

shep, you are interesting. you are an interesting case study. i'm sure psychologists the world over are reading your dream blog at this very moment, trying to understand the ultimate secrets of the common man.