Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I'm walking along in a city with Tuffy P. We come upon a fenced off area, with split rail fence and pastureland inside. A lone bison is standing there, about 30 feet away. Tuffy walks ahead of me for some reason and the bison looks at me and charges, leaping the fence, and starts chasing me around cars and poles and other obstacles. It becomes obvious that the bison means me no harm, that this is a game. We make friends. Tuffy walks over and the bison is lying on the ground beside me and I'm scratching its neck. The bison speaks to me telepathically in a cartoon voice, and tells me he is bored to tears, he doesn't have a companion, and he misses Pierre Elliot Trudeau. I wake up.

1 comment:

Cynnie said...

makes sense..
Doesnt everyone miss Pierre Elliot Trudeau?