Sunday, October 05, 2008

blue and white dress: off to see the wizard

i am on a spying mission. i am with my partner a little fat man, who is balding but has a very large moustache. he wears what appears to be a suit that would not be out of place in a period drama, you could be easily mistaken for thinking that he was auditioning for the part of dr. watson in a sherlock holmes movie.
i have no idea what we are looking for.
i know we are in a part of london that is familiar but is also nothing at all like london.
we are near a playground that has lots of basketball courts on it, each of them surrounded by mesh fences; it is all very much like a maze.
we are walking around talking to people.
we meet a tall amazonian black girl at once she is both ancient and young, serious and flirty. she is taller than both of us. she is wearing a long blue and white gingham dress, a bright white blouse, white tights and flat shoes. her hair is in two pigtails, tied with big ribbons. she appears ready to find the wizard.
we ask her questions.
she takes us back to her place.
she goes to bed.
we can both see that she is stretched out naked on her bed. we both make some less than subtle jokes about her wantonness, awarding scores for her sexuality.
i approach her.
she talks of the goddess. we entwine.
i wake up, sprawled alone on the bed.
she is up and about. she is still naked and she is walking around she is talking to herself. she turns to me and says, “are these your keys?” i say yes (and they are indeed the keys i use to open my front door in the real world). she smiles and says that won’t do. she drops them and goes looking for the keys she needs. as she walks she is sometimes naked, she is sometimes dressed as she was before.
without being told i know she is looking for some keys so that she can open the doors to her shop that is across the road.
she wants to go there to get a small iron, there is no reason given for why she wants this small iron. but there is a sense of foreboding about it.
she approaches a pile of clothes that belong to my partner (he is nowhere to be seen) and pulls out his identity card and badge. she smiles at me. she had found the key.
she takes it to the door, presses it against the door and it opens.
my dream self does not see the rest.
she is dressed, she starts to look on the shelves that are there.
in the dream a feeling of inevitability occurs and fills the whole scene. my dreamself does not witness what takes place.
to look on the shelves she has perched herself, almost cartoon like; on a pile of boxes and chairs, she leans impossibly from this tower to the shelves. below her sitting down and looking at another pile of stuff is my partner. they are totally unaware of each other.
as she looks, she seems to move things to another place, this “shelf” appears invisible but it holds the items she places there. one of the things she moves is a small iron still in its box, it is no longer important to her. she smiles she seems to have find what she wants. to get to it she needs to push some more things away. in doing that she overbalances, topples and knocks stuff on to her. even though she is trapped her left arm shoots out and hits the pile of objects she has moved. this causes them to fall.
this all ripples down onto my partner and somehow manages to make him fall and kill himself.
there is a comedy horror element to it all.
both bodies are still and trapped under the debris of consumer life.

back on the bed my dreamself has not seen any of this.
it is almost as if i had forgotten both the black amazon and my partner. i go out i have a camera with me and i walk along the road. i come to this building. it is a fantastically ornate building. the front of which is a mixed of intricately carved wooden panels and steps leading to church doors. the wooden panels are beautiful. yet they appear to be roughly done, as if not yet finished, though there is no doubt that they are complete.
i want to take photos of these panels but i am not sure that i can. there is no one to ask.

then i am back in a flat it could be the shop that my partner and the black amazon where crushed in, or it could be a flat that used to belong to my mum. my dreamself is not sure. i am not even sure if it is now in london.
there is a door that appears to lead to the shop, i need to lock this door, but i can’t find the key.
i do no want to leave the flat with that door open. this seems to be important.
i look in lots of drawers (that echo the wooden panels of the other building) but find nothing.
i think to myself that i could let a friend stay here and that way i wouldn’t have to worry about the door. i could also come back sometimes after work as well.

that seems to end the dream.

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