Wednesday, October 22, 2008

hanging with halle

i am in a black area, dressed ghetto styled and i seem to have a nickname of “bigboy” (and only in my dreams can i be called that). the style of the dream seems to be urban blockbuster film.
i am with halle berry we are trying to get into house because it has lots and lots of drugs in it. we start off in some sort of processing plant, it is night, the metal of the steps gleams, the lights cast interesting shadows and out feet klang as we walk.
i have no idea why we are there.
halle is trying to persuade me to go on with the heist, because she is so pretty i don’t take much persuasion.
we get to the house. we are in dressed in black ninja swat style. we both have guns. we get into the house. it is dark and quiet. the mood of the thing becomes a little like a screwball comedy in the style of “what’s up doc?” we are doing comedy whispering as we try to look around.
i am not sure but we may have done some drugs before we got in.
we are also waving our guns around as if they were toys, even though they are heavy and glint in the little bit of light there is. as we tip toe about i suddenly see someone. he is standing in a corner and watching us. he is tall black, bald and dressed in a very sharp black suit. i point the gun at him and tell him to tell us where the drugs are. i get behind him put the gun to the back of his neck, i make halle go in front. i tell him that he has to be careful because we have done drugs don’t make us make a mistake…
he directs us downstairs.
we go.
we are now in a room that looks very much like it has been decorated in ikea style.
we chat more.
halle stumbles and falls on the floor and ends up by a couch and a stereo system and cds. she laughs; she also seems to be sitting amongst a pile of sketches.
the mysterious man tells me where the drugs are; we move from the lovely front room and enter a very large warehouse. drugs are all neatly stacked and label on shelves.
the doorbell rings.
the mysterious man says: “customers”.
i go to the front door, which seems to be an old wooden version of the protective window that garage staff use late at night.
there is a crowd outside. they are waiting, getting a little impatient.
i still have my gun in my hand as i go to the window dispenser.
they don’t recognise me.
all of a sudden they have their guns out.
one man is up at the window shouting, screaming and threatening.
i tell him to calm down, as ever it has the opposite effect.
he is accusing me of robbing his supplier. i am trying to think of something to say.
there are a group of houses across the road; it is very much a nice suburban road. one of the houses has its lights on in the front bedroom.
i tell the noisy man that my colleagues that are watching him from the house across the road, as he turns around the lights go out; when he turns back the lights come on.
i have a “wtf” look on my face.
noisy man just demands his drugs. i start dishing out drugs.
a very large man ambles up; he is in just a pair of shorts, t-shirt, dressing gown and slippers. he is bald. before i give him his drugs i ask to pet him on the head.

(dream ends)

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