Tuesday, October 07, 2008

taylor spits

i have been here before.
i a standing outside in the garden. i am looking up at a large box window that overlooks the garden.
taylor comes to the window to looks out.
a voice over happens it says that taylor has to spit five times a day; today she has gone somewhere else to spit, rather than her usual place of this window.
she notices me looking up at her and smiles.
all of a sudden there is a green splurge on the window, it spreads out on the window and fades.
i nod my head and clap.
i get another gob, this one is much larger, and it is a larger cloud of lighter green. it fills a large chunk of the window.
i clap more and louder.
another gob, a more intensive one this time.
then another.
then the final one it is large watery and explodes across the full width of the window.
it covers the lower half of the window.
(in each case they all seem to fade away).

as i am standing in the garden someone comes out into the garden. i can’t remember who but i think it might have been a wwe wrestler either ddp or stone cold steve austin.
next thing i am exiting a black stretch limo.

and that is all i can remember.
(i am pretty sure that i have dreamt about spitting against the window before including the fact that it has to be 5 times a day).

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