Wednesday, October 08, 2008

a return to places old

i am back in the old warehouse where i used to count and pack comics. it has a very gothic feel to it. i am working in the offices upstairs. it could be the weekend; it could be night there is a skeleton staff working in the place. i am waiting for people to leave.
i am standing on the little platform outside the office door. it is raining hard in that hollywood style, i seem to be in it but i am not wet.
someone is talking to me. i say i have a few more hours of work to do to. he replies that he is nearly finished. the people in the warehouse are nearly finished also. i tell them i will lock it up.
everyone leaves.
i start to think of picking up all the comics have been missing, i am quite excited by the idea.
when i go downstairs to start locking up i go around the corner to check on something or another. when i return to the warehouse i am coming back to it from a completely different direction to the one i left it. instead of coming through a wooded area towards the warehouse, which now seems to be alone with the feeling of being on the edge of a cliff. the office door glows white. it is a little spooky. there is no sound.
as i approach the door i suddenly remember that i don’t know how to set the alarms. do i punch in some numbers to deactivate it, use a key to turn it off or swipe a fob on it?
the confusion mounts and the dream fades.

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