Monday, October 06, 2008

not quite home

i am not sure about this dream, but i do think that having a cold is making me dream more.
there are parts of this dream that make me think that i am just playing over a film trailer i have seen but can’t quite place. the dream is a curious tone that is a sort of mix of sepia, insect skin colour and the tone of decay.
it feels like i am watching the dream rather than i am in the dream.
the lead characters may have been adventurers, they may have been explorers, sports superstars or actors but whatever they were they are no longer where they were supposed to be. three of them are dressed in what look to be a racing uniform and stand next to a rugged looking sports car. another small group are a little bit away from them and they are in a support truck, one of the support truck team is wearing a big black hat and has a zappa moustache that has moved into comedy territory.
all of them look a little confused and a little worried.
they are in a large open street, there are building on either side, they look very substantial but they are on 3 or 4 floors high. the road looks to be hard packed mud.
there are crowds in front of them, behind them and to the sides of them.
they are being cheered.
the three racers/stars have no idea what is going on.
their car is being towed forward and they are walking beside it. the lead man on one side his co-star and leading lady on the other side.
none of them seem to want to go into the car.
the car goes forward, they go with it. support truck follows them.
the black hat shouts out to then get in the car. they all pointedly ignore him.
co- star turns to leading man and says over the roof of the car – you should get in, you are the star.
leading man replies – i am not getting in there.
all of them are nervously stealing a glance at the bonnet of the car, but none of them looking at the car.
leading lady says – think of them as your fans.
the joke doesn’t break the ice.
the crowd moves with the car. they are in a moving bubble of space.
the crowd is enthusiastic, but doesn’t appear to be human, it is as if henson puppets had mated with the dark denizens of the cthuthlu and then dressed as if they were appearing in an end of the wild west film.
on the bonnet of the car are a number of writhing beasts that are slithering and slaking all over it, their faces looking at the stars. there is no threat, they seem happy to have the stars here.
just that the stars are not happy to be there.
the crowd in front is a mix of creatures large and small, solid and wobbly. there is an element of comedy about them – some look like they could have stepped out of hr puffenstuff while others look like they would only be happy in the recesses of your own worst nightmares. some amble along others look like every movement just causes pain and discomfort to them and those around them, some are slender others are just rolls of blubber that move in ways you can’t understand. some are like people, others are like great wild animals.
none of them are the same.

cut from there to outside the leading man’s flat. the stars look tired. the support truck has gone and the crowds are not there.
the leading lady wants a drink, the co-star wants to rest, and neither of them wants to go into the building until the star has okayed it.
he mumbles some curses at them and makes his way in.
it is a taller building than the others they have seen.
his flat is close to the top of the building.
the corridors are dimly lit, there is a mottled pattern on the wall it could be pages out of a book of leaf patterns, except that all of them look like they are dead and rotting and that if you look at them too long they seem to move, to float in a diseased jelly. the star makes his way to his flat.
goes to open the door.
hanging on the door is a jug and there seems to be a tea like substance in it, but not enough tea bags dangling in it.
he says – looks like you aren’t getting a drink again.
(although there is no way of knowing it is obvious in the dream that this is a joke at the expense of the leading lady and refers to something that has happened earlier in the movie).
he crosses the corridor to a rubbish room and empties the jug.
he then enters his room. it looks like the corridor in terms of décor, but all the furniture is also covered in this odd moving decaying style.
he is not sure if the place has been ransacked or he is just messy.
he goes to the kitchen to make some drinks.
bits of the décor float off from their surroundings to greet him. he gives a little scream.
and calls down to the leading lady and co-star that it is ok to come up.

(can’t remember any more).

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