Tuesday, October 28, 2008


this takes place in a large industrial space, very rock/pop video territory. there are a group of us there. we are dotted about it, all waiting for something. we are all towards the back of the space. in front of the space, there seems to be another large warehouse space, it looks partly decayed, as if it had stopped working in the middle of job and there is still lots of bits and pieces all left about the place. the light there is a washed out sunlight, not quite dark, not quite light. it appears to be open the elements, while the industrial space we are in is enclosed.
there is a lot of talk, a lot of hubbub, but little movement.
someone arrives. they want to change the layout, they want to move things around. i ask why. no good answer. although there seems to be some agreement that the moves are going to take place no one is moving, it is business as normal.
(in the dream i have the impression that some things occur now, but i can’t remember them)
for some reason i move out of the industrial space into the other space and start walking around. there are books all over the ground, i walk carefully among them, looking at the titles. the ground is not level, rising and falling, with bumps and holes in the ground. i have to walk across a little bridge, but i still seem to be inside this warehouse workspace.
i come closer to a shack, there seem to be people in there. we do not acknowledge each other.
i see a large hardcover on the ground. it has a bright gaudy cover with yellow bands on white. it is a new james bond book. i pick it up. the dust jacket has a part of it ripped out. the praise blurb at the back is from barbara allen, the picture is of a mature woman with very white hair.
i carry the book off. there is a thought in my head that this will be worth a lot in the future.

(dream ends)

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