Wednesday, October 29, 2008

spy / thriller

two dreams or two different parts of the same dream, i am not sure. both are narratives and both are spy/thriller style (guess i am excited by the new bond movie and “spooks” being back on the bbc).
in one there is a conversation going on about the fraudulent buying and selling of diamonds, or a diamond like substance. this conversation is taking place between the nefarious female mastermind and her advisor. it is almost like they are doing this in voiceover, as they speak there are lots of images of what they are trying to do.
the buying part has been accomplished, seemingly all done through facebook. now some of the diamonds have been sold on at a higher price to dummy companies owned by the mastermind. her advisor is telling her she should get rid of all the diamonds as they have now created a new high market price for them.
it is as if they have bought up all the available diamonds. they are selling a few to prevent people being suspicious and to aid moving some of the diamonds around to a new location.
the direction of the conversation is almost as if the advisor doesn’t know what the mastermind is up to, that he thinks she is just a ruthless trader while we know that she is the head of a dangerous criminal/spy organisation.
the diamonds she now owns are not to be used for profit they are part of a plan to tap into a top-secret tunnel/cable and from this steal/siphon something off. there is an image of a large diamond claw burrowing through the earth and grasping the tunnel/cable.

other dream/part
a crooked sportsman has decided to go to court to accept his punishment. he had done something that got his team killed just after their greatest triumph (there is a suggestion that this was a rigged victory). he is crooked not because he took some bribes or threw a game, but because he has a skill that he uses to help villains when they need to break into places (not sure if this is a computing skill or an engineering skill).
he had been very useful in the past to crooks; he stopped being as useful once his sporting career took off. it feels as if the victory/tragedy was a message “we give and we can take away, you have to work for us” type thing. because of the deaths he has decided to do the honourable thing.
he is in court. his lawyer (has a george clooney air about him) is checking that he wants to go through with this, he does, lawyer confirms that there is plenty of protection for him.
the court is full, the colours are bright and breezy and one wall is just a big window.
not long into the court session starting there is a bit of a gurgle chunk noise from the overhead fans. this gets worse. then suddenly ice cubes start pouring from the fan (they are those cone like ice cubes you tend to get in hotel bars, and in the dream they seem to come in waves of drink colours, i remember the cola shaded ones) at this point the lawyer shouts out “fire, fire everyone leave, evacuate”.
he tells his client to stay put, lawyer pulls a gun from his coat and stands ready to protect the client. they move over to where the fan is, but it is not a ceiling fan as such more a rotating grill that at certain points opens up to a hole to allow the ice cubes in. they can see that there are people, dressed in gold lame protection suits, up there trying to deal with the emergency.
as soon as the court if clear a number of emergency response uniforms walk in, there are a couple of fireman, a couple of policemen, a paramedic and two guys with a gurney. the vantage point that we watch them enter is from high up in the corner of the court. as they enter they spread out, effectively blocking the approaches to the door, we can tell there is something not right about them.
the lawyer turns to his client and tells him that they have to leave. he says not before checking on the people in the fan. there is confusion. client points to one of the firemen and says we need to get up there; all he gets is an amused look. no one seems to want to go up and check. he then says to one of them to give him a boost up there and he will look. same kind of expression. eventually a bald, short, young oriental in a black vest, brings him a number of chairs (they are the ones that were in all mums kitchens, wooden legs slightly curving out at the floor, oval rings for the back rest and a plastic seat covering in this case the wood was dull yellow going cream and the plastic was a faded pink), he puts two of them together, front to front, and then puts the third on top of them, making a little pyramid that will be high enough for the client to get to the top to peer into the fan tunnel.
when he touches the bodies they appear to be lifeless.
he jumps down. is surrounded and then is knocked out.

the client wakes up in a large bed in a dimly lit room, he can see light and hear noise through a slight gap in the very heavy curtain, he gets up and goes through. there appears to be a party/gathering going on. lots of people, a number of couples necking and petting. he can see the city skyline very close and he realises he is on a roof in the middle of the city.
the client sees his lawyer (in plaid shorts on a recliner with a drink in his hand) and wanders over to him with "a what is going on" look on his face. he begins to recognise the faces of the emergency response team (all done in that flashback style that is so popular in movies at the moment).
a young woman offers him a drink, he accepts. there is a screen nearby talking about his death in a courtroom fire and a lengthy replay of his team’s great victory. the woman is talking over it, saying that they had won once before they were going to win again, realises that she has fluffed her lines and then repeats “that they had won the only time they were going to and now would be sports greatest heroes”.
the lawyer claps him on his back and tells him this was the only way they could get him back.

(dream ends)

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