Wednesday, October 15, 2008

illicit meetings

sort of a sexual comedy of errors. i know this woman who is not happy in her marriage. we live far apart. we chat online. we chat on the phone.
somehow i start to communicate with her husband.
part of that involves me telling him how i can hook him up with someone/thing sexually exciting. i tell his wife this. if we can time it right then it means we can be together while he is being all excited.
as this is a dream we all suddenly live on the same road, which is very long and very straight. we live either side of it and there is a very large glass partition down the centre of it.
contact with husband is established. plan goes into operation.
but now i can’t remember how to contact the wife.
but i can see her we are almost opposite each other. i try to get her to look at me but she doesn’t.
husband is getting a little annoyed because he is waiting.
i can see him, he is in a bedroom that is several doors down from the wife.
the sides of the road we are own are moving in the opposite directions.
i can see her sleeping.
i can see him sitting up waiting.
she wakes. looks to me. i mime her phoning me (i can’t remember her email, website or phone number).
she phones i explain the situation. she gets excited. she gives me her contact details.
i then have to go out to do some bits and pieces in order to make the thing work for the husband.
because of the moving straight roads i need to find the right place to cross.
i find a zebra crossing that does what i need it to do, there is a strip of grass and a low metal fence along side it. i cross and then i seem to end up in a big square that is very brightly lit with neon lights and signs.
i know that both of them are waiting. that time is fast running out.
then i hear something about basketball. itv is announcing something about the nba and the england international jim rosenthal drones on about it, but mentions that the game is on tv at 10 that night. it is now 6. i need to get back in order to watch it.
now i have a panic about all the things i have to do.

(dream ends).

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