Friday, September 02, 2005

1/9/05 Dream

I'm living in a big victorian house with E, C, and others. But it seems to be haunted - things move, the power keeps going off of it's own accord, that kind of thing. None of us seem that bothered by it though, and I wonder whether it's the spirit of F (despite him not being dead) or a real ghost.

I go outside and J is next door, talking to me through the fence (not unlike the neighbour used to in the TV show Home Improvement). He tells me he's going to go and play squash.

Meanwhile a TV on somewhere inside is reporting a huge flood somewhere in England. On-screen are some rescued people in a boat, one of which is Rochelle from the CBBC programme Smile. For some reason though they say she was a contestant in Big Brother (in my dream am I mixing her up with visa-dodging pool-shagging attention-seeker Makosi?). She appears on the news report wearing a life-jacket and looking grateful to be alive.

And then I wake up.

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