Saturday, September 03, 2005

it had to happen

i have dreamt in colour. i have dreamt in black and white. i have had silent dreams. i have dreams with surroundsound. i have dreamt epics and i have dreamt crushing boredom.
i think i have had only 1 nightmare since i was a child, i have never had a wet dream and very few erotic dreams.
with all of that said the moment someone says "hey lets record our dreams" i stop dreaming (or at least realising that i am dreaming...) so i have no new dreams to add to this. (another reason might be that because i am currently sleeping on the floor in my front room it might not be the best way to have dreams...)
as i say i have had many dull dreams - so much so that i have woken up from them thinking that was boring.

but why oh why am i writing this here right now?
well i thought i would mention my recurring dream. well the dream is not recurring in the sense that it is the same every time, but the central aspect of the dream is the same all the time.
in the dream i am jumping, in the dream i am like mike and i have amazing hang time, in the dream i would have won the slam dunk competition at each all star game ever.
what i do is almost like flying but not quite, it is like i have done a long jump but rather than landing i just keep going on and on. every now and then it feels like i am going to land, but with a wiggle of this and a waggle of that i keep going.
i am not sure if i remember taking off, i am not sure i remember landing in any of the dreams but i do remember the sense of being in motion and of being in the air. there are times when i am doing it for fun, there are times when it appears that i am being chased.
it is a dream that i enjoy.

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