Sunday, September 11, 2005

martians or somthing like that

last night i dreamt of alien invasions (again).
for some odd reason the only part i can remember is being out on a bright green field, under a lovely blue sky. the two characters (heroes if you will) are dressed like they are the royal family from a pack of cards (shades of alice in wonderland!). they are wielding a long white pole; it could be a jousting lance, except that it crackles with energy. they are facing the oncoming rush of aliens, as far as i can you never really see the aliens, the view of the dream is always between the tip of the lance and the characters, as they battle away at stopping the on rushing aliens.
you can hear and see the crackle of energy as they do the job.
at some point rather than be captured they knock themselves out.....

i can remember at some point a large round object making an appearance, it is gunmetal grey, weathered and beaten, and it spins and spins. and things rally to it.

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