Thursday, September 01, 2005

Che-Jay dreams ~ 1

Here are my two most recent dreams, the most recent first.

I wake in my bed, and there’s and reach for the lights, they don’t come on, I fumble around my flat and try other lights with no success. I blindly reach for the cupboard where the trip switch is and flick it, some lights come back on before gently fading again, I head back to bed in resignation. I come too and its sunny outside, as I rouse slowly I hear noises and go to my doorstep to investigate, I notice a very shabbily dressed women begging for clothes next door, I turn and realise I have some bags in the hall with old clothes. She then appears before me at the door step, she looks very dirty yet attractive underneath the grime, as I hand her the clothing she says ‘thank you, you're part of the family now’

The second dream

In this second dream I’m a colonial marine from the movie Aliens 2. My squad is progressing down a dark sinister corridor from the film when the radars on our pulse rifles light up. With trepidation we advance, the radar blips causing a patina of sweat to caress our brow. As we move into a slightly more open area illuminated in a sublime green we notice alien eggs. Suddenly the eggs burst open but instead of aliens issuing forth its very young children holding their hands out as if in supplication to us, then alien tongues spring forth tasting the damp air. My heart pounds, I wake up sweating, startled.

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