Thursday, September 01, 2005

31/8/05 Dream

I'm in a clean, warehouse-y room that I know is in the back of a shop. It may be in Kingsbridge even. And there's a huge black cat on my back.

It's clinging on by it's claws, digging them into my jumper, which fortunately means only the tips of the talons are pricking my back. It still hurts but I'm a little drunk so I don't feel the pain like I know I should be.

I'm trying everything to get it off - reaching behind me and pulling, trying to knock it off against a wall, attempting to hit it with something, but it's stuck fast. Then, during one attempt to reach behind and pull it away from my back, I manage to remove its arms and legs....

But it clings onto the back of my neck by it's teeth, sinking into my flesh.

And then I wake up.

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