Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dream or Reality?

When I dream it is not a dream but real life, at least that’s what my brain thinks. Sometimes this feeling is very strong and so can be very disturbing, or just freaky. The problem mainly comes upon waking. As I move from dream to reality I can get very confused as to what reality really is, as far as I’m concerned what I have just been experiencing is real life, no matter how odd or scary it was, so “where am I know and what’s going on?” It takes a few minutes to realise that my waking world is the real world, and it can be very unsettling. It can also be quite a relief to find that the dream was just that… a dream. My life is strange enough already.

So if you read my dream blog remember that at the time that was reality for me, I believed it wholeheartedly.

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