Tuesday, September 06, 2005

like buses

none for along time and then they turn up.

it seems i either dream in fragments or like trailers for movies i only remember the best bits (though in my case best is a relative term).
so there are two fragments from dreams i had last night.

one just involved me and someone else (no idea who, no idea of sex or anything) just putting hands in the other's face and saying such pithy things as "whatever" "talk to the hand..."
as you can see that one was a barrel of inciteful moments...

the second on all i can remember is exiting a building to talk to a maid (dressed in tradition french maid uniform) about something only she was a cartoon character. i do remember that the other parts of the dream were in different visual styles. just no idea what.

and to add some more a colleague at work told me of his dream the other day. he was pottling into work on his scooter, in a tunnel there is a traffic jam, the lights change, some cars go forward. one stays still, not noticing the changed lights. bibbing and horn hooting takes place. man gets out his car, everyone else get out of theres. a benny hill/ carry on camp chase takes place - lots of high knees and flappy arms, they run left then they run right, back and forth....
my mate leaves the tunnel to a wreck city, only to think he should go back for the scooter.

his dreams are more interesting than mine.
story of my life really.

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