Monday, September 05, 2005

it was a night for dreams

i was very tired.
i had been at work for far too long.
i got to see some odd people in my all night budgens (a shirtles bloke - this was 2am on a sunday, and no he didn't look like he was back from a rave, more he was lost....) then there was the stocky crumbesque lady of the night who had been dropped off by the police - she was doing a jig that was a mix of "erotic" and angry - she couldn't make her mind up. (and to be honest in different circumstances i would have been in love with her - solid sexy build, with boots on and mad, not much more i can ask for it).
i was eating late (cheese and potato slice - for those that care).
it was pissing down and i was soaked.
when i finally decided to sleep there was a lightening storm.
it all pointed to a dream and half.
was there a dream - hell no.

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