Sunday, September 04, 2005

alien attack

as if by magic: i had a dream.

well all i can really remember is a fragment of the dream, i think it is towards the end of it, but i could be sadly mistaken.

i am in a shopping mall, for some reason i think it is underground. there is an air of panic about the place. we are under attack by aliens.
they are there, and people are dying, i am weaving and bobbing (call me tom cruise - see the opening action sequence of war of the worlds....). people are being killed all around me. a woman wearing a demin skirt has just been tagged by an alien weapon (it is a ball that is phosphorus bright a mixture of yellow, reddy orange and black bits) it drops down the back of her skirt, a scream and she explodes into a bright yellow and black x-ray version of herself before disintegrating (sort of like tim burton's mars attacks).
i am not sure i have yet reached a total state of panic.
i do know the thought that is echoing through my head is a simple one: "oh please let me have sex before i die".

even in my dreams i am shallow.

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